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Save up to 50% on Alto Saxophones
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Professional ligatures from $11.99
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What You Can Expect When You Shop With Us:

People have expectations when they patronize a business. Sometimes these expectations are common sense, and sometimes they are arrived at through research or through experience with other similar providers of goods or services. Here at Woodwind & Brasswind, we'd like to be explicit about what you can expect.

Most importantly, you can expect selection. Woodwind & Brasswind has enduring relationships with most of the major manufacturers of brass and woodwind instruments and accessories. Take trumpets, for instance. Most of the major vendors are represented within our inventory including Bach, Schilke, Getzen, Kanstul, S.E. Shires and many others.

Our flute selection includes some of the world's most revered brands such as Altus Flutes, Pearl, Powell, Haynes and much more. Saxophone brands include Selmer Saxophones, Keilwerth, Antigua, P. Mauriat, Yanagisawa and many others. In addition to world-renowned manufacturers, we also represent many smaller manufacturers whose products are nonetheless among the best values in the industry. Read More >

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