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Woodwind & Brasswind provides a vast array of online articles that serve as a resource for music educators, music students and players of all levels, from beginner to professional. Woodwind & Brass articles include playing tips for saxophones and trumpets, advice on how to select the right reed or mouthpiece, a history of selected instruments, and tips and tricks from pros. Drum and percussion articles focus on marching percussion, how to buy different types of drums and choosing the right sticks, mallets and cymbals. You will find orchestral string articles such as caring for strings and bows and how to buy cellos and basses. In addition to instrument-specific articles, this online resource provides information on music technology, music program fundraising and band fundraising and planning a musical event or tour. There are numerous resources on general music subjects such as practicing, rehearsing, the music industry, music teaching and education and numerous articles on the benefits of music for children and adults alike. Woodwind & Brasswind invites you to take full advantage of this online resource full of music articles, playing tips and more.