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The iPad has opened up a multitude of opportunities for the musical and technically inclined. With so many handy applications available to assist any type of musician with any type of instrument, there is quite literally something for everyone. Below are some very different popular apps available on the market today:

  1. "Real Book" – The Real Book. First made popular as a fakebook for jazz artists, this book is now widely used in the electronic form with additional options to make it even more versatile. Features like a play-along for practicing allows you to set the tempo and key for each song you perform. With hundreds of songs to choose from, you're certain to find something perfect for your musical tastes. As well, you have the opportunity to input different songs not in the library, displaying the chord changes in your desired key.
  2. There are a bevy of apps out there geared towards trumpet players. "Trumpet in Reach," "Trumpet Fingerz," and "Trumpet+" are outstanding for novice students to learn basic fingering techniques. Other options include simulators like "Trumpet HD", "Trumpet Pro HD" to assist in practicing and "Trumpet Guide" which helps to streamline your warm up rituals.
  3. "Circle Theory" is a terrific app for musical theorists that allows the user to work in the Circle of Fourths/Fifths along with learning the basic keys and key signatures.
  4. "Garage Band" lets the iPad user make fast, spontaneous song recordings anywhere, anytime. If inspiration tends to hit you in less than convenient times, this is a terrific option to record your demo ideas.

With so many entertaining, simple iPad apps on the market geared towards performers of every genre, there is guaranteed to be something out there to assist you in making the best possible music.

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Tony Guerrero is a freelance trumpet player in Los Angeles California. Performing and recording with a wide range of artists ranging from John Tesh to High School Musical, Tony is at home in nearly any style on both trumpet and piano. For more information on Tony including his latest Recording titled "Blue Room," visit

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